Special Events at Wanderlust Tours

Spring is here! We love snowshoeing - during the day, and under the night sky. At the same time, we're heading out on our Canoeing and Kayaking tours! And, as always, we're exploring the amazing wild caves of Central Oregon. Find out what makes Bend, Oregon such a great place to vacation, and live. We invite you and your family to join us for some unforgettable memories on any one of our amazing tours!

We have an exciting new host of Special Events each season.
If you're interested in creating your own special tour, please contact our Custom Tour Coordinator

JUNE 8, 2018:
Art in Nature
with Survivorman

We are so excited to partner with the Tower Theatre to present a spectacular list of activities featuring Survivorman: Les Stroud. Join us for a morning kayaking tour or an underground cave adventure and hear stories and songs of his adventures. 



We've partnered with the area's best lodging locations to bring you a little mid-week adventure... every week! Wednesdays are a little Wilder, now that we're running Special Events every Wednesday night at 6pm.

Call our office at (541) 389 8359 to find out what we have in store this week, and to sign up! 

DECEMBER 31, 2018:
New Year's Eve
Bonfire on the Snow

The only place you want to be when we leave 2018 behind and greet the new year. Join us for a magical evening on the snow complete with hot cocoa, a glowing bonfire, and a saxophone serenade. Is it December yet?



MAY 4, 2019:

For over a decade and a half, Wanderlust Tours has been giving back to mother nature and bringing our community together through our Cave Cleanup. We have partnered with local businesses and volunteers to clean up this area. We can't wait to share about it after the event! 


Be sure to check out our Custom Group Tours page if you like what you see!

For these custom group tours, we partner with one of our talented local restaurant partners to craft a magical experience. Enjoy a delicious, specially-catered dinner right by the water's edge, followed by a stunning, Naturalist-Guided canoe tour on the peaceful waters of the Cascade Lakes, or the Deschutes River.

We lead custom guided tours into the heart of the Alvord Desert, with an emphasis on the magnificent Steens Mountain. From Bend, we travel deep into sagebrush country, where we spend three nights and four days uncovering history, hiking through deserts and forests, exploring ranches, and relaxing in hotels established in the early 1900s. For more information, please visit our page detailing the Steens Mountain Guided Tour.

Experience one of the most stunning sights in the Pacific Northwest! In the winter, we'll lead custom snowshoe tours around the rim of this volcanic caldera. In the summer,  

During the winter, we partner with one of our talented local restaurant partners (like Wild Oregon Foods) to bring you a special treat. Enjoy a delicious, specially-catered dinner, followed by a magnificent snowshoe trip out to the quiet of the nighttime forest. There, you can relax around a hand-carved snow amphitheater while enjoying some hot drinks made with locally-distilled spirits, some delicious locally-made desserts, and the amazing ambiance of the old-growth forest at night.