She Said YES!

Our guide Danny shares a story about two special guests on a Moonlight Canoe Tour

"Dusk turns to darkness as we drive up the Cascade Lakes Highway towards Elk Lake. Already some stars are twinkling above as the last rays of sun paint the sky red. Canoeing under the full moon is a magical experience, and tonight will be no different: one participant, Nate, has let me know that he is planning to propose to his girlfriend. Of course, Kara-Mikel has no idea, but I can hardly contain my excitement!

We set out on the water under the night sky, the glow of the moon eclipsing the stars as it rises over the flanks of Mt Bachelor. The air is cold, but I warm up quickly as my canoe glides through the glassy water. Fresh snow glistens on the mountains. We paddle for a bit then pull over on a beach, our moon shadows stretched out on the sand. I start a small campfire. Nate and Kara-Mikel explore the shoreline on their own, and when they return, Nate says casually, "Well that just happened!" Kara-Mikel proudly holds out her new ring, and we raise our glasses of sparkling cider and hot chocolate in a toast to love, laughter, and crackling campfires in the moonlight.


Proposal on Sparks Lake
Moonlight over Sparks Lake
Nighttime Canoe Tour Sparks Lake

There could be no more perfect end to canoe season. Next up: Snowshoeing

Fall in Love ... with Fall

Is there anything more beautiful than the colors of fall?! We are totally gushing over the oranges, reds, and yellows coming out all over reminding us that a new season is here and a new season is on the way. 

Brad Bailey 10.6.17 (3).jpg
Brad Bailey 10.6.17 (2).jpg
Mirror Pond.jpg

And for a little more fall fun, we have created a list to help you make the most of one of our favorite seasons.

  • Carve, Paint, or eat a pumpkin
  • Learn how to build a fire
  • Collect leaves and press them
  • Go apple picking
  • Plant bulbs in your garden for next spring
  • Celebrate Oktoberfest with beer and sausages
  • Attend a fall festival
  • Get lost (and found) in a corn maze
  • Jump in a pile of leaves
  • Visit somewhere new or be a tourist in your own city
  • Paddle the Deschutes River in a canoe or kayak!

Frog Water & Sizzle Juice: Beers That Give Back

If you haven't heard "fresh hopped" about a thousand times in the last few weeks, you probably don't live in the PNW. How do I know? Well, 98% of all hops used in the US are grown out here in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. So when summer turns to fall and these little green bombs of goodness are ready to be harvested, we make the most of the season and release a whole bunch of fresh hopped beers. And by "we" I actually mean breweries... I just like to do the tasting and appreciating.

If you're into fresh hopped beer, this week is the best week to be in Bend. There are events at 10 Barrel, Deschutes, Worthy, and Bend Brewing Co. all celebrating the release of these delicious fresh hopped beers. Plus, if you're in Bend for First Friday on the 6th, you might catch a few fresh hopped beers on tap around town. 

As you may know, we love our beer. But we also love our natural environment. That's why we are especially excited about Cascade Lakes Brewing release of its 2017 fresh hop beers: Frog Water Fresh Hop IPA and Sizzle Juice Fresh Hop IPA.

Cascade Lakes Brewing Company announced its Fall Fresh Hop releases: The first brew is Frog Water Fresh Hop IPA, a 100% local farm-to-bottle fresh hop beer. Cascade Lakes partnered with Discover Your Forest and the Forest Service to produce this seasonal beer that benefits the education, conservation, and restoration of Oregon spotted frog habitat. This seasonal release has fresh Cascade hops from Cascade Hop Farm in Tumalo, Oregon and Mecca Grade Malt from Madras, making this beer 100% Central Oregon.

“What an amazing cause and what a delicious Fresh Hop IPA! We are proud to donate $500 to Discover Your Forest to increase awareness and restoration needed for the habitat of the Oregon spotted frog,” said Chris Justema, Partner and President of Cascade Lakes Brewing Company.

Photo by Gary Nafis

Photo by Gary Nafis

“The creation of this beer represents a great coming together of some of the conservation objectives for water in this basin by shining a light on habitat restoration needs for the frog in the Deschutes basin, while supporting local agriculture. It embodies the win-win we are collectively striving for. It is awesome having Cascade Lakes as a partner in conservation!” said Jason Gritzner, Forest Hydrologist and Watershed Program Manager for the Deschutes and Ochoco National Forests.


Frog Water Fresh Hop IPA is available in limited 22oz bottles and draft at several Central Oregon retailers: Newport Market, Broken Top Bottle Shop, Whole Foods, Market of Choice and Buggy Stop in Redmond as well as others.

The second seasonal release is Sizzle Juice, another fresh hop IPA with 100% whole cone wet hops grown in Oregon. Each painted bottle is packed with Simcoe hops from Doug at Sodbuster Farms and Cascade hops from Tim “Sizzle” Sisney, a Central Oregon local. “Our friend Tim started growing hops a few years back and had so much success that we decided that team Cascade Lakes and Tim should join efforts resulting in a beer named in his honor. Sizzle juice has a floral aroma and mild bitter finish that is available just once a year.

“This is the third year we have produced this wet hop ale and it never disappoints. The hop trip is worth the effort year after year,” says Justema.

Sizzle Juice is available as a limited series in 22oz Bottle & Draft.

So there you have it! Drink a beer and help save the frogs. 

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