#GetOutThere and Celebrate Memorial Day in Bend, Oregon!

Memorial Day is coming up, and we are already planning what to do with our three-day weekend! There are so many great family activities in Bend, Oregon all year, but if you’re specifically looking for Memorial Day activities in Bend we’ve got some great ideas:


Deschutes River Paddling Tours!

We’re so pumped to be running our canoe and kayak tours in Bend! This time of year we’re heading out on our paddling tours on the gorgeous Deschutes River, on a pristine and little-traveled section of placid water— no white-water on these trips, don’t worry! These tours are beginner-friendly, with a heavy focus on highlighting the plants and animals that live on the river, as well as the cultural and natural history of the area.


Beer and Canoes? Great idea! Try our Brews & Views Canoe Tour on the Deschutes River.

If you want to make this tour even more awesome, we can add some of the delicious local craft beer that makes Bend such a beer haven! Don’t worry, we don’t condone drinking & paddling… we pull to a beautiful bank on the river’s edge to enjoy a selection of local beers.


Dirt Divas Women’s Mountain Bike Ride

Hey laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadies, here’s a little something just for you! Dirt Divas is a great program run by Pine Mountain Sports, where female-identifying folks can get together and take a fun mountain bike ride together. All skill-levels are welcome. Check out Pine Mountain’s website for more information about this event, and to keep track of future Dirt Divas rides!

Limited Entry Lava Caves are now open!

Join us on a VERY SPECIAL cave tour! We’ve just started leading these special Lava Cave Tours into a bat hibernaculum. They’re just a tad pricier, but they’re really special and totally worth it! Learn all about the animals and other life forms that rely so heavily on this particular cave system— which is large enough to drive a bus through!


PLAYA Great Basin Natural History Weekend with The High Desert Museum

Here’s a cool event! The High Desert Museum is hosting a weekend of natural history focusing on the Great Basin out at PLAYA, an event space near Summer Lake. Tickets are sold out, but they may create more availability based on interest. If this sounds like your kind of thing, check out the event details and contact the Museum here!

(Pssst: did we mention we’re hosting our very own event at Summer Lake this July?)


Hunter Noack will be playing on a Steinway piano beneath the sky at Summer Lake! We can’t wait. We’ll definitely talk more about this Special Event in the Bend, Oregon area on another blog post. Until then… Stay tuned!

WANDERLUST TOURS: Special Events in Bend, Oregon

Did you know we run outdoor and brewery tours every day, all year-round? It’s the BEST, but we also enjoy cooking up some special event tours in the Bend, Oregon area… and beyond! That’s why we’re always thinking about the next thing, and fondly reminiscing about our past special event activities.

Here are some of our favorite special events that have happened over the past year:

Black Rock Desert & Steens Mountain Guided Tour


This was an awesome experience in one of Oregon’s most gorgeous, remote locations! We traveled through the Alvord Desert and Black Rock Desert along where the Oregon Trail originally traveled, It was a trip through time, and our guests left with more insight into the story of Oregon today.



Did you know we have an ongoing outdoor performance series called Art in Nature? We love these events! Bend Oregon outdoor concerts are the best, because we have the most beautiful wild spaces for these talented performers to show their stuff!



There is nothing like hiking at Smith Rock! It never gets old! We love to talk all about the special geological features here, and how they came to exist.


The Blue Pool is an incredible, naturally-super-blue pool deep in the woods! We lead a hiking group out here to take a gander and learn all about the local plants and animals.

The list could go on, because as cheesy as it sounds, every tour we lead feels special! However, we do love putting our creative minds to the test to come up with cool tour ideas in the Bend, Oregon area. We love leading Bend family reunions tours, business outings, wedding activities in Bend, and planning birthday celebrations in the beautiful Central Oregon outdoors!

(Psst.. need an awesome special event tour in Bend, Oregon? Talk to our Custom Tour Coordinator!)


TOP 10 SPRING BREAK Activities #inBend

It’s been a while since we’ve blogged, but that’s because we’re outside having fun this winter! It’s hard to believe, but SPRING BREAK is already right around the corner, and we’ve been coming up with our list of top ten spring break things to do in the Bend, Oregon area:

1. Snowshoeing! We’ll still have plenty of beautiful, powdery snow to play in.

2. Nordic skiing

We love Nordic skiing, but we don’t run tours in this area. If you’re interested in renting some gear and heading out on trails yourself, we recommend visiting Powder House to pick up any of your wintertime rental gear!

Snowshoeing in Bend, Oregon

Snowshoeing in Bend, Oregon

Cross-country skiing in Bend, Oregon

Cross-country skiing in Bend, Oregon

Snowshoe Tours in Bend, Oregon

Snowshoe Tours in Bend, Oregon

3. Exploring underground caverns on our Lava Cave Tours!

4. Visiting the High Desert Museum

This museum is a great indoors activity for kids in Bend, Oregon area. This place is chock-full of interesting history, naturalist facts, and even live animals! Check out their raptor show to see the birds flying and feeding in person!

Explore the lava caves near Bend, Oregon with a professional guide!

Explore the lava caves near Bend, Oregon with a professional guide!

Daily Lava Cave Tours in Bend, Oregon

Daily Lava Cave Tours in Bend, Oregon

5. Brew Bus tours

There’s nothing like enjoying delicious beer while on vacation! Our daily Bend brewery tours are a must in the spring months.

6. Hiking!

There’s no shortage of great early-season hikes in Bend! Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post detailing a few of our favorites.

Winter hiking is the best!

Winter hiking is the best!

Daily Bend brewery tours!

Daily Bend brewery tours!

7. Take in a show at the Tower Theater.

8. Eat a delicious meal at Wild Oregon Foods!

This is one of our favorite local spots! And did we mention we’re partnered with Wild Oregon to bring you amazing outdoor catering in Bend Oregon any time or place on our custom tours? You could even enjoy a delicious dinner out in a snowy forest!

Delicious Wild Oregon Foods in Bend, Oregon!

Delicious Wild Oregon Foods in Bend, Oregon!

They have great gluten-free menu options.

They have great gluten-free menu options.

9. Take one of our Canoe Tours on the mighty Deschutes River!

This is weather-dependent, but we have definitely enjoyed spring break canoeing. We run daily Deschutes river kayak tours, too!

10. Nature Photography Tours!

We’re running daily and nightly photography tours with some amazing local photographers. Come away from your spring break with the ultimate souvenir: a whole host of professional-grade photos taken by YOU!