Watch our videos to get a better look at some of our guided outdoor tours in Bend, Oregon.
Looking for Bend brewery tours? Be sure to check out the Bend Brew Bus video!

Our tours are offered daily throughout the year.
This includes our Snowshoe tours, tours of the lava caves near Bend Oregon, Cascade Lakes canoe tours, Cascade Lakes kayak tours, special hiking tours in Bend Oregon, & our daily Bend brewery tours!

Volcano Tour: Hiking in the Newberry Caldera is one of our favorite summer things to do in the Bend, Oregon area.

Cascade Lakes Canoe Tours & Kayak Tours: The best of what Oregon canoe trips have to offer!

Lava Cave Tours: Discover the caves near Bend Oregon! We are the only company permitted to lead tours here.

Snowshoe the Cascades: One of our favorite winter things to do in Bend, Oregon! We strongly encourage playing outside in the snow.

Bend Brew Bus & Local Pour Tours: Brewery Tours Bend Oregon are a must! Sample wares, and get an inside look.

Bonfire on the Snow: Who doesn’t love snowshoeing in Bend, Oregon? Now add a cozy bonfire, hot drinks, & dessert!