Pacific Wonderland

Deschtues Brewery Tasting Room

For almost 30 years, our friends at Deschutes Brewery have been pumping out some pretty amazing beer. From hoppy IPAs to smooth porters to refreshing pale ales, there is truly something for everyone, in every season. One of our current favorites (that we often bring on our Moonlight Canoe Tour) is the Pacific Wonderland Lager. We never thought that we could identify so closely with a beer, but here we are, raising a glass to a beer we believe in. We are inspired by the place we call home. We cannot get enough of the snow capped mountains, the rushing rivers, the expansive desert, the smell of juniper in the air. Just watch this video and tell me you don't feel inspired to get out and do something fun right now! 

Because we love this place so much, we also want to be sure to take good care of it for our children and the generations to come. That's why we love Deschutes Brewery even more. They are always giving back to their community. Not only do they regularly donate to local charities, Deschutes Brewery is also committed to environmental protection. Through the Deschutes River Concervancy (which we talked about a few weeks ago), the brewery has pledged to put one billion gallons of water back into the Deschutes River. They also work hard to offset 100% of their electrical power usage from renewable sources. We could not be more proud to serve (and drink) their beer.