Fire Season

Smoke in the Trees at Newberry Caldera

Where's the fire? Well, a lot of places right now. After a few years of tame fire seasons, and a few years of great winters, we were almost due for a forest fire outbreak. 

How do these fires occur? There are two ways a fire can start: naturally or by humans. The National Park Service states that 90% of wild forest fires are caused by humans. Yikes. Campfires that haven't been put out fully, burning debris, or cigarette butts are some unintentional causes. Sometimes, an intentional act of arson burns down the forest. 

The other 10% are caused by either lightning or lava. When a thunderstorm rolls in, it's both a relief for the dry summer grounds and a potential start of another forest fire. 

While the fires have stayed away from the direct Bend area this summer, we have not been free of smoke. Our beautiful Cascade Mountains are hidden, and the smell of campfire has lingered for quite a while. 

So that you are best prepared for your trip to Oregon this summer, you can check the air quality in real time as well as the locations of current fires and road closures. Our tours will continue to run throughout the summer while conditions are still safe to operate. Please call our office if you have any questions about your specific tour. Pro tip: join our Cave or Brew Bus Tour for something a little less smoky! 

In the meantime, start your snow dances! We want to see our mountains again! 

Fires in Oregon