The A-to-Zs of Central Oregon: I is for INDUSTRY


We've spent plenty of time highlighting the amazing natural features of Central Oregon. Sure, we have beautiful mountains, sweeping plains, deep caves, pristine lakes, and fantastic weather, but did you know we also have a thriving business community? That's why on today's blog post we're discussing some of the amazing stuff that's made right here in the Bend, Oregon area! 


We can always get behind a company that strives to provide a great environmentally-friendly solution for reducing waste. Silipint makes customizable containers of varying shapes and sizes out of a sustainable silicone-based compount. They even make accessories like lids for their cups, and dog bowls! Check out all the fun colors and styles they offer, or design your own on their website



Who doesn't love furry, four-legged friends? Well this great local company makes quality wearable accessories for your pup! Ruffwear makes everything from traditional leashes and harnesses to life jackets for your dog, making it even easier for you to explore each corner of the world together. Bonus: check out their Instagram for your daily dose of adorable dog pictures. 


These are some of the best-smelling candles we've ever come across-- and they're made right here in Bend! Taking their name from the iconic mountain right outside of town, Broken Top Candle Co. makes fantastic-smelling, soy-based candles. They've teamed up with other local companies, like Silipint, to make custom products, too! We actually sell them at our office, so be sure to stop by and snatch up one of these beautiful candles before heading out on one of our tours! 



This is the company that makes those water bottles you see everywhere in Bend-- out on the hiking trails, in coffee shops, at the Rock Gym, and on your coworker's desk at the office! Each season they release a new variety of colors, and many people try to collect multiples of their favorites. Although they've grown to be a huge, multinational company, their roots are firmly planted in Bend, Oregon! 


While we often focus on the outdoor-related activities and businesses in Bend, we appreciate the full spectrum of pursuits that make the Bend area so special. After all, we have the celebrated annual Sister's Folk Festival right next door, and Breedlove Guitars right here in town! These award-winning luthiers craft an array of beautiful guitars, and other stringed instruments. Definitely check out their wares! 



We would love to mention EVERY ONE of the magnificent companies making things in Bend, but we have rivers to canoe, and caves to explore! So for now, we recommend checking out Visit Bend's "Made In Bend" List, the Source Weekly's most recent "Made In Central Oregon" issue, and Downtown Bend's list of vendors