The A-to-Zs of Central Oregon: B is for BREWERIES


With the most breweries per capita in the state of Oregon, it's no secret that Bend has got a great selection of craft beer! Central Oregon's arid landscape and pure, crisp water are some of the factors that make the beer so delicious. That's part of why we started the Bend Brew Bus tours-- breweries are such a huge part of the culture in Bend, and the art of beer-making is something to be celebrated and enjoyed. 



There are currently over 20 breweries in the Bend area, with locations right in downtown Bend, and as far out as Redmond, Sisters, and Sunriver! So, if you choose to visit them all, you'll get a wide variety of scenery, beer selections, and food choices. Here are just a few of our favorites:



Cascade Lakes Brewery is partnered with Wanderlust Tours for our Brews & Views Canoe and Snowshoeing Trips, so we're a little biased, but we think they make delicious beer! On top of that, there's an abundance of great pub food and a fun, laid-back atmosphere at their Lodge location. We especially dig the Blonde Bombshell when we're in the mood for a nice smooth ale. 



Silver Moon is one of our favorite places to stop on the Bend Brew Bus. We love touring their brewing setup-- they really know what they're doing. Aside from having great food, delicious beers (check out the IPA 97 if you're into hoppier beers), and a super cool atmosphere, they also host great events like live music and trivia!



Worthy is an amazing place to visit. They have it all: delicious food, award-winning beers, and even a Hopservatory! How many places can you enjoy a freshly crafted beer, and then closely observe the cosmos? 


Photo by Tyler Rowe

Photo by Tyler Rowe

Crux is another local favorite we're lucky to visit with the Bend Brew Bus! We love their food, especially the Pig Newtons (figs wrapped in bacon!!!). Also, did you know they just came out with a delicious new beer called Play Wave? They never fail to deliver a unique, quality experience, and we always recommend stopping by to enjoy their excellent wares and their great outdoor seating area!



Deschutes Brewery is one of the most quintessential Central Oregon breweries, and we highly recommend paying them a visit if you haven't. We love their beer, and for some of our custom tours, we pair events with their beers. After all, who wouldn't want to hike up Black Butte, and then enjoy a Black Butte Porter? There's nothing better!


If you're interested in taking a unique and enriching tour of the breweries in our area, join us on one of our daily Bend Brew Bus tours!