It's time to VOTE!

Get out your Number 2 pencils people, it's voting time!! We could not be more excited that The Source Weekly has included a new category this year for their "Best of" segment. That tour is near and dear to our hearts because it's "Best Tour Company"! Really!! If you're on this page, there's a chance you already like us, but we'll give you just a few reasons why we think we should have your vote.

Dave at Paulina Lake

1. Wanderlust Tours is a family business. We are locally owned and operated by some of the coolest people in Bend. Dave and Aleta Nissen opened up Wanderlust in 1993 and they have been wowing people with exploration and naturalism ever since.

2. We care about the earth (and we want you to care about it too!) That's why all our tours are nature based and share information about the natural, cultural, and geographic history of our area. The more you know, the more you appreciate it. 

3. Our guides knowledgeable, friendly, and experts in their fields. They make each trip unique and fun for the group. They can bring this place to life like no one else can and they'll guarantee you'll have a memorable journey.

Best Tour Company in Bend

4. We give back to the community. Wanderlust donates experiences to over 200 local organizations a year to help raise funds for education, animals, and environmental causes. We also host events like our yearly Cave Cleanup to to help our local environment continue to be a place where nature thrives. 

Thanks for voting Wanderlust Tours for best Tour Company in Bend!!