What are they saying?

When a mom talks about her wonderful, perfect child, you only half believe her, right? Because what mom wouldn't say that their kid is the greatest and the best?! It's the natural thing to do. I recently thought that you might be feeling the same way about our tours... like, "we know you think they're great, but of course you do. You have to!" So instead of me giving you another reason why our tours are all that (and they totally are!), I'll shut my mouth and let someone else do the talking. 

For your enjoyment: three articles of different Wanderlust trips from the last 12 months. Read and enjoy!

First up, TravelAge West.

"We paddled back to shore as our adventure neared its end and, as if right on cue, a bald eagle soared above us."

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Travel Age West

The Seattle Times says,

"That’s when Bend Ale Trail Month kicks off with prizes, giveaways, and even a trophy for anyone who completes the Bend Ale Trail in the 30-day span."

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Bend Ale Trail

East Bay Times takes a Cave Tour

"...we turn on our headlamps and begin hiking, scrambling, squeezing and crawling through a tunnel formed by a river of rapidly cooling lava 150,000 years ago."

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Cave Tour Bend Oregon

But don't take their word for it; we strongly encourage you try it for yourself and form your own opinion! See you on the trails!