Explore the Steens Mountain

We are beyond excited to announce 4 new dates for a Steens Mountain Tour this spring and fall! 

SPRING: June 8-11, 2017 and June 15-18, 2017
FALL: September 22-25 and September 28-October 1, 2017

If you've never been to the Steens, you absolutely need to put this on your bucket list. If you have been, you probably already want to go back. We will be spending 4 days and three nights in spectacular geology, historic ranching locations, expansive deserts, and indigenous lodging. This epic trip will usher you into the magnificent Steens Mountain landscape. The volcanic range stretches 50 miles north to south and rises to 9,733 feet alongside the alkali encrusted Alvord Desert which lies 5,000 below. What?! 50 miles?! Yep. And it's totally stunning. Meander into river-cut and glacially-carved canyons, whiff aspen-filled air, amble through willow and cottonwoods chock full of birds, and walk in the footsteps of natives and Buckaroos! We cannot wait to take you to this part of Oregon. Will you join us?? After looking at these pictures by our guide Chaney, we're certain you'll be ready to book your tour. (Link at the bottom of the page.)

Fall in the Steens Mountain
Fall Colors in the Steens Mountain Valley
Aspen Trees in Steens Mountain Chaney Swiney
Oregon Steens Canyon Tour with Wanderlust
Steens Mountain in Eastern Oregon
Alvord Desert Exploration in Steens Area Oregon
Wildhorse Lake Near Steens Mountain by Chaney Swiney

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