Central Oregon Exploration

All this in Bend's Backyard!! I asked Dave to share about his venture east of town last week. He says, "it helped to solidify my appreciation for winter and all that it brings." Maybe it will do the same for you! 

Global Warming
Wall of Icicles

"20,000 years ago our earth began to warm from an extensive frigid period we have come to call the Pleistocene Ice Age.  Huge amounts of frozen water melted and in so doing began to carve our landscape, eroding areas and digging river beds relatively quickly.  Jump those 20,000 years to the present on a winter day in 2017 and what is now a dry river bed, yet still the recipient of seepage, has shone forth with incredible winter beauty. Given heavy snowfall this winter, seepage through and over the walls of this river canyon, combined with sustained cold, has wrought one of the more spectacular ice falls I’ve ever witnessed.  Come explore with Wanderlust Tours or get out on your own to live in the magnitude which the stunning natural world provides!"

What do you think about those ice formations?! We have to say that while the pictures are amazing, they just don't show the magnitude of these remarkable formations. You'll just have to go see them for yourself. 

Longest Icicle
Waterfall of Ice
Giant Icicles East of Bend Oregon
The Biggest Icicles you've ever seen
My personal favorite: the "Icicle Curtain."

My personal favorite: the "Icicle Curtain."