Hearts Full of Thanks

Things we are thankful for:

1. You! Our incredible guests who join us daily for adventures around central Oregon. We are so grateful that we get to share what we're passionate about with amazing, interested folks like yourself.

2. The place we call home. From the mountains to the caves, through the rivers and under the starry skies, central Oregon is full of beauty and wonder.

3. Good beer. Home to some of the finest craft breweries in America, we are beyond fortunate to have so much goodness at our fingertips. And around every corner. 

4. Our guides. They are ambassadors for the environment, love any day outdoors, and can't help but ooze their excitement. They are passionate about history, geology, environmental science, and a hundred other topics and want to share it all with you.

And so much more.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year whether you find yourself surrounded by family and friends at a table, or out seeking adventure in the wild.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Wanderlust Tours.

Some tips on what beer to pair with your favorite pie from our friends at Deschutes Brewery

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