When Summer Ends

Yellow Fall Leaves Bend

What do you do when vacation is over? Seriously, how are you supposed to go back to work after the best vacation ever? We won't tell you it's easy, but we do have a few tips for returning back to reality without kicking and screaming. 

Unpack right away. The moment you pull into the driveway, your to-do list that has been so quietly benign during vacation will suddenly be staring you in the face. Our advice, unpack quickly and get your house back to normal as soon as possible. You're already going to be grouchy; you don't need to add more annoyances like living out of a suitcase for two more weeks. 

Print pictures. But not all of them. We know you're not actually going to scrapbook your treasures because seriously who has time for that?? So instead of printing pictures that you'll put in a box and forget about, print just a few of your favorites and display them for a while. Sites like Artifact Uprising (they did not pay us to plug them; we just really like their product) will allow you to choose 25 photos to print on luxe, matte square paper. They come out looking amazing and it's just the right amount to share when people want to see. Can you find Sparks, Broken Top, Mirror Pond and Cascade Lakes Highway below? 

Fall in Bend Oregon

Have a Bend themed day. This may be my favorite suggestion. What does a Bend-themed day look like? It's totally up to you. Find a Bend beer distributing in your city (like 10 Barrel or Deschutes) and start enjoying. Then, be nice to everyone you see and be sure to do something outdoors! The more adventurous and off-the-beaten-path the better. Relive the best moments of your vacation and call it "BENDsday."

Plan your next vacation. And whether you choose summer, fall, spring, or winter, you aren't making a bad choice. We may all be a little sad that the long hot fun-filled days of summer are over... but look at what comes next!! 

Fall Leaves in Drake Park Bend, Oregon

If you joined us for a tour this summer, we were so lucky to have you. Thank you for bringing your excitement, your adventurous spirit, and your willingness to learn. We love doing what we do and hope that you had a wonderful time with us! Until next time,