Oregon Volcanoes

Did you know that Oregon is home to 19 major volcanoes?! A quick rundown on the types of volcanoes found in Oregon:

  1. Stratovolcano: Think Mt. St Helens and your standard science experiment of making a volcano. Stratovolcanoes are the most common type - making up about 60% of the Earth's volcanoes.
  2. Cinder Cones: Form around a vent, they're symmetrical, and most have a bowl-shaped crater at the top of them. 
  3. Shield Volcano: Large and low profile. Think of a warrior's shield lying on the ground. The super fluid lava that erupts travels farther than stratovolcano blasts. 
  4. Complex Volcano: Changes in the vent's location make it a complex volcano. 
  5. Volcanic Field: Areas with 10-100 volcanoes containing lava flows and cinder cones. 
  6. Caldera: The top of the volcano erupts and collapses leaving a large crater. Oregon's only national park, Crater Lake, is a caldera. Read more about Crater Lake (and the National Park Anniversary) on last week's blog post! 

How many of Oregon's volcanoes have you been to?? 

  1. Mount Hood
  2. Jefferson
  3. Blue Lake Crater
  4. Sand Mountain
  5. Mount Washington
  6. Belknap
  7. North Sister
  8. South Sister
  9. Broken Top
  10. Bachelor
  11. Newberry
  12. Davis Lake
  13. Devils Garden 
  14. Squaw Ridge
  15. Four Craters
  16. Cinnamon Butte
  17. Jordan Craters
  18. Diamond Craters
  19. Crater Lake 

And now! Take a look at our Volcano Tour at the Newberry Caldera!