After the Tour...

When it comes to Bend, the general feeling is that whatever you choose to do with your time, you've likely made a good choice. From epic hikes to mellow floats, to multiple options of amazing Thai food, we believe that just by being here you're going to have a great time. So when people ask for dinner recommendations, or favorite bike trails, or the best beer, I often find myself just saying, "Yes." Yes to all of it because you can't go wrong. I gladly give Bend two thumbs up. 

When pressed, I'll give a more specific answer.

At the end of a Wanderlust Tour, what do people want? I'll tell you. They want dinner, drinks, ice cream, a place for the kids to play, and a place to buy their own canoe/kayak/snowshoes because their life has just been changed!!

One stellar area that I've added to my list recently is just one exit north of our Wanderlust office and the home to quite a few great spots, both old and new. The best thing is that all of these places are SUPER close to one another. 

Grab dinner and beer at Immersion Brewing or Crux Fermentation Project. Crux even has a sweet lawn where kids of all ages are free to run and play.

Photo by 1859 Oregon Magazine

Photo by 1859 Oregon Magazine

Drinks: Both of the above serve remarkable beer and Atlas Cider is your place for hard cider. They also have indoor and outdoor games. 

Get any used gear for your newest obsession at the Gear Fix next door. They can also repair your shoes, bikes, tents etc! 

Thankfully, the greatest mobile ice cream truck has found a permanent location. Find the adorable Addy Mac's refurbished truck outside Spoken Moto because motorcycles and ice cream, yes. Oh and they serve coffee. And beer. I told you this place was the best. Check out their grand opening on August 27th

So there you have it! And now you know what we like to do at the end of the day...