The Early Bird Gets the Worm

For some very lucky people, mornings are a no-brainer. Our owner Dave, for instance, is a regular to the 5AM wake-up call. He gets more done before breakfast than I'm comfortable admitting. Some of us aren't wired (or disciplined) that way. However, we are offering two tours this summer that you MUST wake up for. If I'm doing it, you can too. First, early morning canoeing and kayaking. Yes, we're serious. This picture was taken THIS MORNING and it was every bit as stunning as it looks. Coming soon this summer, we'll be offering early morning trips on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the summer. Don't worry, some of our favorite coffee shops like Bellatazza and Strictly Organic are open early too! We'll paddle the glassy water, search for wild life, and enjoy the tranquil morning mountain air.

Does your coffee order have 7+ words? Do you drink your coffee black? Are you an all-day-every-day coffee drinker or just when you need the caffeine?  Whatever your style may be, we're certain you'll enjoy this Bend Coffee and History Tour. We'll meet at Visit Bend at 9:15 AM and walk to a few different coffee shops and roasteries around town. Learn where the beans are grown, the difference between pour over, cold press, and drip, how the roasting process works, and what tastes you like! As we're walking, you'll also learn a ton about Bend history. After you've had your fill of coffee and knowledge, we'll send you home with your own bag! It's time to wake up and smell the coffee!

We've hired a few new faces in the last month! Have you met them yet? Head over to our ABOUT page to read more about our newest family members. 

Join us next Tuesday at 10 on the blog to hear from owner Aleta!