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We hope you had a wonderful Christmas! This week between Christmas and New Year's Eve may be the most festive week of all. Something that makes the holidays so special are the traditions that we make and keep with family and friends. While some traditions are passed through the generations, others only last a couple of seasons. What are your favorite holiday/winter traditions and will you be starting any new ones this year?? 

Today you'll get to read about our current staff and their favorite Christmas/winter traditions. Be sure to ask them about it when you go on tour! 

Jared: I enjoy nothing more than sitting by the fire enjoying a cup of hot cider. 

Bethany: One of my favorite holiday traditions is cooking and baking with my family. We have so many things we like to make for Christmas! Growing up, my sisters and I would make lefse (a potato based Norwegian flatbread) and cookies with my grandma and aunts. This year, my mom, sister, and my sister's kids all got together and made gingerbread houses. 

Making gingerbread houses
Family fun activities
Gingerbread house building

Danny: My family lives in the southeast, and while normally we're all very conscious eaters, for one day over the holidays we head to Waffle House for the buttery goodness of eggs, bacon, waffles, grits, and hash browns. Mm mmm!

Ski Lift at Mt. Bachelor

Casey: My favorite Christmas tradition is definitely spending the morning at Mt. Bachelor with friends. The lines are short and everyone is so happy to be there. I also love the idea of trying new things like the horse carriage ride at Eagle Crest, or having Thai food on Christmas Eve. Changing traditions is my favorite tradition. 

Courtney: During my 8 school years in Rochester, NY,  I would wake up at 5am and head out for a run all bundled up with my headlamp shining brightly.  I would run slowly, weaving through the local neighborhoods feeling the chill on my face and hearing the crack of the frozen ground under my feet.  Slowly, house lights would flick on, and you could hear the excitement of kids and families as they discovered that Santa visited. As the sun started to rise and the feeling started coming back into my fingers and toes, I would head home watching kids racing outside with their new bikes, sleds, and skis and arrive back at my house with coffee cake just coming out of the oven and my stocking waiting to be investigated! 

Dave: A favorite childhood memory is most certainly the amazing food my grandmother and aunt labored over for hours with 40 people partaking in Danish glory! My current favorite tradition is taking Christmas day off for a family breakfast, opening a couple of gifts, followed by playing outdoors in the snowy Cascades!

Jeff: The best winter tradition is skiing Christmas day! 

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Need ideas for a new tradition this year?? What about joining us for a Bonfire on the Snow? They're available every night this week at 7PM.