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snowshoe through the forest

When Matt Baker came on our Shoes, Brews & Views Snowshoe Tour (yes, we know it's a mouthful), he hadn't been in the snow in quite some time. It was pure joy to watch his pure excitement over the snow. Clear skies, white fluff, cold brews, and memories to last a lot longer. Enjoy some pictures of his epic adventure and a short interview with Wanderlust

Name: Matt Baker

Current living place: Watertown, NY (military family)

Favorite outdoor activity: Currently hiking and fishing (some times both)

Was this your first time to Bend?
Yes it was and Wanderlust made it a memorable time.

What were you looking for when you signed up for the tour?
Excitement and getting out of my normal everyday routine.

What did you get out of it?
A new activity that I was able to try. Enjoyed jumping off of the snow mound as well as running down. Loved the fresh powder. 

Number of Wanderlust Tours you've been on:
This was my only one. 

Thanks for joining us Matt!! We hope to see you again really soon. 

Matt on the J U M P

Matt on the J U M P

... and after the jump

... and after the jump

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