A simply astounding natural and cultural history tour

Embark on a four day journey through spectacular geology, historic ranching locations, expansive deserts, and indigenous lodging. This epic trip will usher you into the magnificent Steens Mountain landscape.

This volcanic range stretches 50 miles from north to south, and rises to 9,733 feet alongside the alkali-encrusted Alvord Desert. Meander into river-cut and glacially-carved canyons, breathe in the aspen-filled air, wander through willow and cottonwoods chock-full of birds, and walk in the footsteps of natives and Buckaroos!

From Bend we'll travel deep into sagebrush country, where we'll spend three nights and four days uncovering history, hiking through deserts and forests, exploring ranches, and relaxing in hotels established in the early 1900s. 

Check out our previous Spring and Fall day-by-day itinerary and packing list. 

All tours will depart at 9:00 AM from our office and return at 4:00 PM on the fourth day of the tour. 
Included: 3 hotel nights in historic hotels (Hotel Diamond and Frenchglen Hotel), transportation, daily family-style meals, gear for activities, and an amazing Wanderlust Tours naturalist for guided interpretation. 


THESE ARE SPecial event tours. 
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