Gift Giving Ideas

Winter vacation is just around the corner and we could not be more excited! It's time to go on adventures, make new memories, and catch up with cousins you haven't seen in years. With all the potential for merriment and cheer, there's no time for stress about gifts! We've made a list for the perfect "Bend" gifts for all your holiday-giving needs.


Your Co-Worker Secret Santa:
A Hydro Flask Pint from Silver Moon
Support (2) local businesses with this purchase and help your co-worker keep their drink super cold with this pint glass. Plus it has a cool little van on it that's super Oregon.

Boneyard Soap 2.jpg


The Christmas Party Hostess:
Boneyard Beer Soap (We sell them in our store!)
We're particularly fond of the "Double Hoppiness" scent. Plus who doesn't want a bar of soap that's especially relaxing? Hops are known for their relaxing properties, soothing irritated skin with skin-softening amino acids. Um, yes please! 




Your Son's Fourth Grade Teacher:
This adorable print of Oregon made by Katie Daisy (Bend Artist)
She lives in Oregon, she loves Oregon. And she probably doesn't need another mug or sweet during the season. She could even put it up in the classroom!


Your Next Door Neighbor:
Homemade cookies would be great, but do you really have time for that kind of thing? Randi at Holm Made Toffee makes THE best toffee around. Find her products at every local grocery store. They're all delicious, but our favorites are candy cane and espresso flavored toffee. 

Your Dad (who doesn't need another tie or golf club):
A Brew-It-Yourself sessions at Immersion Brewing
Choose from over 30 recipes to create your own beer masterpiece. He'll get to put together the perfect brew with all his favorite flavors and take it home to share. Home brewing without having to buy all the equipment. Win - win.


Your Nephew:
A Beanie from the coolest Motorcycle and Coffee Shop in Bend - Spoken Moto
It's warm, functional, and you really can't have too many. They're also great for people who tend to skip a shower or two. Or for anyone who likes to play in the snow.

Your S/O: A Wanderlust Tour
We suggest the Bonfire on the Snow. It's just the right mix of active and romantic. Snowshoe under the light of the stars to a glowing fire in the snow. Hot drinks and dessert await your arrival. There's nothing quite as magical as this event. Buy a gift certificate, or book the night ahead of time and surprise them. They will think you're the best ever. Promise. 


20 Day Countdown!

Snowshoe tours in Bend, OR

The Christmas countdown is on! What's on your wish list? This year, we're wishing for another snow-filled winter and the chance to spend time with family and friends in the great outdoors. Our snowshoes are ready, the caves are calling, and the locally crafted beer is cold. We hope you'll join us this winter to celebrate the season. 

Consider purchasing a Wanderlust gift card this year. Our tours are available year-round and gift cards are valid for two years for tours or merchandise. In addition to making a great memory, gift cards don't produce any waste! That's a win-win for you and the environment. Enjoy this new video featuring all the tours we offer throughout the year! 

Oh Christmas Tree || Oh Christmas Tree

We're recycling a blog post this week because the subject matter is very important: Christmas trees! 


If you're new to Bend, you might not know that one of the most "Bend things" you can do is chop your own Christmas tree. Some people make an entire day out of it: grilling, celebrating, and searching for the perfect tree. 

The Forest Service has outlined some tips for choosing the right tree this winter! 

The most popular tree species used for Holiday Trees are Douglas-fir, White fir, Incense Cedar and sometimes, Lodgepole and Ponderosa Pines.
In general, pines can be found on flatter ground at lower elevations around Bend and on south and west facing slopes around Prineville. Firs and Cedars are found at higher elevations around Bend and Sisters and on north and east facing slopes around Prineville.

Guidelines and Restrictions for collecting your Christmas Trees

  • One permit is required for each Christmas Tree.... Five permits maximum, per household. (Can you imagine putting 5 Christmas trees in your house?!!) Permits are $5.00 each.
  • Per the Every Kid in a Park Program, all 4th graders are entitled to one FREE Christmas tree permit with a valid EKIAP pass. Learn more here.
  • Christmas Tree permits must be validated and attached to your tree during transit.
  • Cut your Christmas Tree only on National Forest lands. National Forest maps are available for sale at the Wanderlust office
  • Select any tree species that is less than 12 feet tall.
  • Only take a tree that is within 15 feet of another tree.
  • Cut stumps shorter than 12 inches.
  • Respect road and area closures.

    Please do not cut trees:
    • On private property.
    • Within 150 feet of state highways, picnic areas, campgrounds, and other developed areas.
    • Within 300 feet of streams and bodies of water.
    • Within young tree plantations (Nursery-grown seedlings planted for future forests).


  • Butler Market South, 61396 S. Hwy 97, 383-0146 
  • C.E. Lovejoy's Brookswood Market, 19530 Amber Meadow Drive, 388-1188
  • Powder House, 311 S.W. Century Drive, 389-6234 (right on the way up to the mountain!)

We can't wait to get our tree this year! We're going use every inch of those 12 feet and get the biggest tree we can find! We invite you to come see it in our office by the end of the week!