JULY 21, 2019

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Photo by Drew Pick

Photo by Drew Pick

Join Wanderlust Tours for a new event in our ongoing Art in Nature series!

Wanderlust Tours, In A Landscape, and Mt. Bachelor are proud to present a singular concert venue for acclaimed pianist Hunter Noack. 

Hunter will perform with a 9-foot, 1912 Steinway Grand piano perched at 8,100’ on the side of a volcano, with shimmering lakes and a carpet of forest stretching below. Experience the best of the Bend, Oregon lifestyle: kayak a mountain lake in the afternoon with Wanderlust Tours’ professional naturalist guides. Then, enjoy a stunning piano concert at the edge of a stratovolcano, and finish the day with dinner served on the lofty perch of Mt. Bachelor, This is an incredible event you’ll remember forever, and a fantastic Bend, Oregon summer vacation idea.

Photo by Drew Pick

Photo by Drew Pick


SUNDAY, JULY 21, 2019

1:00 PM: Paddling tour begins

4:00 PM: Ride the Mt. Bachelor lift

5:00 PM: Concert begins

Dinner follows the concert at Pine Marten Lodge