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Overnight Snowshoe Tour

Yes, you read that right. Overnight snowshoe tour on Tumalo Mountain. These are the faces of eight businessmen who decided that meeting indoors was overrated. They sought something a little more adventurous... and they came to the right place.

Instead of a conference table, they chose to share ideas around a campfire. Instead of a luxurious hotel room, they chose to dig their own snow trenches to keep warm at night. Instead of morning room service, they enjoyed breakfast on top of a mountain. Instead of a regular weekend, they have memories to last a lifetime. 

They left Bend on a Wednesday morning and headed to Tumalo Mountain. With two Wanderlust Tours guides, they strapped on snowshoes and loaded up all the gear to start making the 700' ascent of the mountain. As they snowshoed through the snowy, forested area, their guide shared with them about the surrounding flora and fauna and what makes this place so special. They made camp somewhere near the top by digging trenches in the snow and covering them with tarps. See pictures below for evidence of the snowy fortresses they built! If you've ever been out in the snow at night, you know that a campfire is the best way to stay warm. Once camp was set up, they enjoyed dinner and drinks and conversation around the campfire. When the firewood ran out, it was time for bed. As the sun rose the next morning, they boiled water on the top of a mountain and made their own coffee (plus Ocean Rolls because what trip to Bend is complete without one?) before snowshoeing to the summit. It was an incredible 24 hour tour and we can't wait to do it again. Are you in next time?? 

Enjoy a few pictures from their snowy adventure!

Making snowmen? Or the start of a giant snowball fight? I guess we'll never know. 

Digging snow trenches on Tumalo Mountain. 

How to stay warm overnight in the snow:
1. Dig a trench.
2. Cover with a tarp.
3. Crawl inside with warm sleeping bag.

Snowshoeing to the summit - all smiles.

Can you picture your company doing something like this? Our group planners are itching to come up with an adventure that will inspire and unite your team. Your greatest memories are just around the Bend.