Solar Eclipse Canoe Tour

Experience 99% of the total solar eclipse on a Cascade Lake this summer. 

While the path where the moon's shadow completely covers the sun is narrow, there will be a much broader area from which you can view a partial eclipse. In fact, just west of Bend on one of the Cascade Lakes, you can witness the moon cover 99% of the sun!  Though the sun's corona won't be quite as brilliant, the air will cool as heat radiation is blocked.  The crescent shadow of the moon will creep between earth and the sun causing nearly complete darkness for just under two minutes.  At no point during an eclipse is it safe to look up at the sun, so we will provide special glasses for you to witness this awesome event from a stunning lake on a summer day. We'll depart early in the morning for a serene paddle on the glassy water and share hot cocoa as we glide along under an ever-diminishing solar orb.  After witnessing the spectacular event we'll top it off with a locally crafted beer from Immersion Brewing made just for this tour.  

Tour will depart 7:30 AM
$100 per person, children welcome.

Includes Guide, Gear, Eclipse Viewing Glasses, Local Micro-brewed Beer or Root Beer, Transportation and Award-winning Naturalist Interpretation! 

We disable online booking 48 hours prior to tour departure. Within 48 hours of the tour, please call our office for additional availability. 541-389-8359

*All tours require a 10% non-refundable deposit to make a reservation. Please read our Cancellation Policy for more information.*

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