Wanderlust Summer Kickoff 2018

It's that time of year again! Want to play outside with us? We've got some fun stuff planned for this year's Summer Kickoff. We'll have food, games, libations, and, of course, a little friendly competition!

A little re-cap from 2017:

Pine Ridge Inn Bend Oregon
Games with Wanderlust Tours
Deschtues Employees Playing Pipeline with Wanderlust Tours
Pipeline with Wanderlust Tours
Brasada Ranch Winners!

Last year we hosted the Tourism Industry Games, and this year we're switching it up with a GPS Eco-Challenge. 
Out on the sage and grass-covered lands east of Bend, teams will begin this fun adventure with a GPS in hand.  Way-points along the challenge course are coupled with intriguing clues, which lead participants through forest, sage, and rock outcroppings, always with the backdrop of mountain vistas! 


We're ready to have some fun outside, and hang out with some awesome people. 
Are you in? Sign up below!

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Games will begin at 4:30. Bring your whole team, or come solo and join up with others. Awards for winners (and for team/company spirit!).
Tell us which team (company) you're participating with. If you're coming on your own, tell us and we'll put you on a team!