Eat, play, and stay around Bend!

We have lots of great suggestions for your trip to Bend, Oregon.
We switch this page up every couple of months to make sure we can get to all of them!
Missing something? You can always give us a call to ask for more recommendations. 

Whether you're here for an anniversary, weekend getaway, family reunion, or on a business trip, Central Oregon has it all. Be sure to check out Visit Bend for even more resources about local activities, events, and general information about the area. 


Ask any of our staff and they'll be able to recommend a restaurant or food truck fitting the desires of your taste buds.
But if we have to pick some favorites... 


We consistently partner with Wild Oregon Foods for special catered tours. They're amazing for any meal, but we're especially fond of their amazing brunches! 


Wild Rose is a unanimous staff favorite, and consistently voted the best Thai food in Bend. Check out their amazing lunch specials! 


Jackson's Corner is the perfect stop for family-friendly dining, or grabbing a cup of coffee (and a pastry) to go. 

For the perfect day of eating, check out our blog on the "Best Day in Bend."


Whether you're more at home setting up a hammock in the forest or by a fire at a cozy resort,
Bend has plenty of places to call "home" during your trip... 


The Hilton Garden Inn has excellent service and accommodations right in the heart of the Old Mill District!


The beautiful Oxford Hotel is located right in the heart of downtown Bend, with fine dining and amenities. 


AirBnB has a great selection of cozy homes to rent during your stay in Bend! 

If you're looking for a more rustic experience (or have a fully-outfitted camper van), a campsite just outside of town will be the perfect place to rest your head. Tumalo State Park is a beautiful option.


Obviously, Wanderlust Tours is a great way to experience the natural splendors of Central Oregon. Whether you're looking to paddle on the Cascade Lakes, explore wild caves, or venture into an ancient volcano, there's something for all ages and ability levels. But if you're looking for a little something more while you're in town, we can suggest...


The High Desert Museum is one of our favorite cultural attractions in Bend-- and it's GREAT for kids! Be sure to check out their Raptors of the Desert program! 


The Old Mill District is a must-see. It's great for shopping, fun events, or just strolling along the beautiful Deschutes River. Be sure to check out the galleries for some local art!


The historic Tower Theater always has something amazing going on! Whether you want to see a play, take in a great concert, or enjoy some comedy, the Tower has something for everyone. 

And of course, there's plenty of opportunity for adventure on the trails, rivers, and mountains of beautiful Central Oregon. You can float the river, surf the standing wave, visit some of our 20+ breweries, or just take in the majestic scenery surrounding Bend.

We love to call this place home, and we hope you'll love it, too!