She Said YES!

Our guide Danny shares a story about two special guests on a Moonlight Canoe Tour

"Dusk turns to darkness as we drive up the Cascade Lakes Highway towards Elk Lake. Already some stars are twinkling above as the last rays of sun paint the sky red. Canoeing under the full moon is a magical experience, and tonight will be no different: one participant, Nate, has let me know that he is planning to propose to his girlfriend. Of course, Kara-Mikel has no idea, but I can hardly contain my excitement!

We set out on the water under the night sky, the glow of the moon eclipsing the stars as it rises over the flanks of Mt Bachelor. The air is cold, but I warm up quickly as my canoe glides through the glassy water. Fresh snow glistens on the mountains. We paddle for a bit then pull over on a beach, our moon shadows stretched out on the sand. I start a small campfire. Nate and Kara-Mikel explore the shoreline on their own, and when they return, Nate says casually, "Well that just happened!" Kara-Mikel proudly holds out her new ring, and we raise our glasses of sparkling cider and hot chocolate in a toast to love, laughter, and crackling campfires in the moonlight.


Proposal on Sparks Lake
Moonlight over Sparks Lake
Nighttime Canoe Tour Sparks Lake

There could be no more perfect end to canoe season. Next up: Snowshoeing