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How To Make a Snow Angel

Step 1: Find the right snow. This time of year you'll need to head up to some higher elevation (if you're in Bend) to find the right snow. There's no such thing as an ice angel. Fresh snow is best for this endeavor... but not too much.

too much snow?? 

Step 2: Once you've found the right snow, you have two options for getting on the ground. Have a friend lower you down so that you don't make any other imprints on the snow. Or, if the snow is deep and fluffy, just do a big back flop. Don't belly flop. This will leave you with a face full of snow. 

oops... wrong way!

Step 3: Start to move your arms and legs out and in without picking them up off the snow. Pro tip: watch out for other angels in the area. Snow angels are made best solo - don't mess up your friend's wings by starting your angel too close. Spread out for the best effects. 

too close! 

Step 4: Have a friend help you up so you don't ruin your angel. 

juuuust right

Step 5: Enjoy your masterpiece. And document, of course. Because if it's not on the internet, it didn't happen. 

Can't wait to see your snow angels this winter!