Animal of the Month: Mr. Fox

Today we're getting up close and personal with a red fox! Two weeks ago on a Bonfire Snowshoe Tour, our guides and guests were lucky enough to see a red fox! Our guide Chaney was ready with his camera and caught some amazing pictures of this fantastic creature. 

There are over 45 subspecies of the red fox that vary in size and colors and are scattered throughout the world. They are know for their ability to quickly adapt to new environments. They typically travel together in pairs but tend to hunt for their food alone. This guy was seen alone, probably interested in finding some food! They go out hunting in the early morning or late in the evening. This guy was seen traveling under the night sky.

Foxes are omnivores (meaning they eat both plants and animals) and love everything from blackberries to small rodents! Like all forest creatures, they have amazing characteristics that allow them to survive and thrive in the wild. Foxes have remarkable ears and can hear when a crow takes flight or mice begin to scurry from over 100 meters away. 

We are so lucky to live in a place where we can see wildlife like this up close. We hope to continue to educate about and preserve our natural world so that creatures like this can continue to live in their natural habitat. Enjoy the pictures! 

Red Fox in the snow
Red Fox in Bend
What does the fox say
Wildlife at Mt. Bachelor

This fox was spotted during a Bonfire on the Snow snowshoe tour. Maybe he'll show up to the next one! You won't know unless you're there! Book it now! 

What to do in Bend

It's officially spring.... right? The truth is, if you come to Bend right now you might find yourself a little confused about what season it actually is. You see evidence of spring like tulips popping up on the side of the road and maybe even a few folks wearing sandals... but take a quick drive to Mt. Bachelor and you'll find skiers enjoying the fresh snow! So how are you supposed to know what activities are available? And how are you supposed to prepare for a vacation with so many variables?! We're here to help. We've just added a page to our website for the ever-confusing shoulder seasons: Spring and Fall

With average highs in the high 50s and the lows are in the low 30s, every day is different from the one before. You could find yourself in a rain jacket and searching for sunglasses on the same day. Though that may feel confusing, it's also really exciting. For example, we launched our kayaks in the Deschutes River earlier this week and had a spectacular Moonlight Snowshoe Tour last night. As I write this today, the skies are grey and the rain is coming down. If what they say is true about April showers, we can expect some pretty amazing May flowers!! So to get you inspired and excited for spring, enjoy these pictures from last May. And check out that Spring/Fall Tours page to find out what kind of activities you can do in Bend this week! We'll see you out there! Wherever "there" is for you: the trails, the slopes, the river, or the breweries.


Spring in Bend Apple Tree
Lilac in Bend Oregon
Dandelion in the sun
Along the banks of Steelhead Falls
Blooms along the Deschutes River
Sunset on the Deschutes
Bitterbrush in the Desert
Bend Oregon Caves


We are so excited to be sponsoring an amazing event at The Tower Theater this weekend! The incredibly talented SURVIVORMAN, Les Stroud is coming to Bend for a performance! Join the Wanderlust crew at the Tower Theater for this incredible evening. 

"A musical, storytelling, and video concert experience featuring original music and intimate stories woven together with beautiful video imagery. The man behind the curtain, Les Stroud, is a Canadian Screen Award winning producer, creator and star of the hit TV series "Survivorman." -The Tower Theater

Have you seen Survivorman on TV or in person? Tell us if you're coming! We'd love to say hi!