Special Events at Wanderlust Tours

Summer in Bend, Oregon is unbeatable! We invite you and your family to join us and create some unforgettable memories this summer! Canoe at night under a blanket of stars or glide on the flat water by the light of the moon. Open your senses to the sights and sounds nighttime has to offer while cruising one of the beautiful Cascade Lakes. The celestial light reflects off of the shimmering water to provide a spiritual experience high in the mountains!  We'll provide everything you need for an incredible night on the water. Dessert and hot cocoa (or beer) will be served on the lake shore to top off this spectacular evening. Not a night owl? This summer we're offering EARLY MORNING canoe and kayak trips on weekends throughout the summer. You won't know what you're missing until you try it. 

Early Morning Canoe or Kayak Tours

Join us on Saturday or Sunday mornings throughout the summer for a quiet canoe or kayak tour on one of the Cascade Lakes. Depart our Bend office at 6:30 AM and return at 10:30 AM. You won't find this one online yet - call our office to book.

Moonlight canoe tours (nights surrounding the full moon) are available throughout the summer months! This is a "must-do" activity while you're in Bend! There is nothing quite like a mountain lake under the quiet night sky. 

New Year's Eve in Bend

Start the new year by snowshoeing through the magical winter forest and toasting with friends and family at a bonfire

Volunteer with Wanderlust Tours and help clean up the caves and desert area before summer starts.
Visit our Cave Cleanup page to RSVP! 

Planning a trip for winter? We would love nothing more than to share the breathtaking beauty of the snowy mountains and the Pacific Northwest winter wonderland with you. We'll snowshoe at night throughout the winter!
Join us for a Moonlight Snowshoe Tour or Bonfire on the Snow